Hispanic Opportunities for Learning through the Arts

Founded in 2017 by Manny Rivero, Maritza Astorquiza, and Alex Cora, the HOLA Foundation promotes cultural diversity through the arts.

This group promotes student leadership, through the Ambassador Program, allowing college students to work directly through their outreach program to empower students to create venues to exhibit and promote Education through the Arts.


The HOLA foundation was formed to preserve and promote the cultural diversity of the Americas by providing educational opportunities through the arts. This private sector initiative focuses on developing partnerships that will strengthen the capacity of the community to promote cross-cultural activities, bringing diverse youth and inter-generational communities together through the common language of the arts. The HOLA foundation will initially focus on developing youth driven programs that will empower students to create venues to exhibit and promote education through the arts.


“Art is our community asset that educates and creates business opportunities.”


  • Preserve, promote, and educate the community on the cultural richness of the Americas.
  • Develop opportunities to bring diverse communities together.
  • Create events and workshops to provide a forum for cross cultural interfemoral and youth opportunities in art, music, poetry, theater, photography, and film, educating the surrounding communities.
  • Forge partnerships that will strengthen the capacity of our community to promote cultural and educational opportunities through the arts.


Founding Ambassadors

  • Marilluly Peraza
  • Valeria Cifuentes
  • Sabrina Casadevall
  • Vanessa Centelles
  • Natali Morgado
  • Juliet Rodriguez Colon
  • Alfredo DeZayas
  • Emma Doukmak
  • Kathalia Irizarry


Executive Director

Executive Director Manuel “Manny” Rivero has an extended resume involving work in communities throughout the state of Florida. His work focuses on developing community-based partnerships that provide training, technical assistance, and capacity building opportunities for non-profits, faith based groups, and neighborhood organizations throughout the Central Florida region. These partnerships facilitate opportunities for students and various organizations to collaborate on community participatory research, evaluations and training initiatives in the community.



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Executive Manager

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