Posted by on May 10, 2018

The HOLA Foundation was formed to preserve and promote the cultural diversity of the Americas by providing educational opportunities through the arts. This private sector initiative is focused on developing partnerships that will strengthen the capacity of the community to promote cross-cultural activities that brings diverse youth and inter-generational communities together through the common language of the arts.

The HOLA Foundation will initially focus on developing youth driven programs that will empower students to create venues to exhibit and promote Education thru the Arts.

Working closely with USF Student organizations the HOLA Foundation launched its pilot outreach program at the annual Conga Caliente festival. This student lead consortium brought 7 USF student organizations together to plan and design this all day outreach and informational event. Over 20 university students volunteered at multiple booths to provide information on educational opportunities and programs to the community. They also developed artistic crafts, raised funds, did children face painting and performed Latin salsa dances for the attendees of the festival.

Based on the success of this event USF student organization leaders have formed a university cultural outreach group to expand the participation and plan future educational programs for the HOLA Foundation.

As their first initiative the USF students in collaboration with private sector sponsors are in the process of designing a program called DARE. DARE stands for Diversity in the Arts is a Resource for Education. DARE to express, DARE to learn, DARE to lead, and DARE to Educate will be the pillars of this Education thru the Arts program. This student led collaboration will need private sector sponsors that will DARE to be educational partners for this cross-cultural community outreach program.

A DARE to be innovative Arts and Performance exhibit is currently being planned to provide a venue for USF student to mentor Hillsborough County High School students in an Education thru the Arts community event.

We challenge you and DARE you to invest as one of our partners!